It was so nice out the past couple of days. Of course the day I’m in the back room all day it’s freezing again. And of course my heater is the one that’that’s not working. Of course.

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Magician’s RAD


Magician’s RAD

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I find it hard to believe that pol never got sunburnt, considering how 1 he has fair skin 2 his upper back and shoulders are ALWAYS exposed and 3 the stardust crew treks through the desert for 99% of the arc

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does anyone else get friend-jealous really easily?

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I am such a sap when it comes to Josuyasu, it’s pathetic.

Anonymous asked: So how did josuke get okuyasu to give him his first BJ? ^q^

Okay, so, I really hate being mean and having depressing headcanon for characters I love, but Okuyasu’s canon background is depressing enough so.

I see Okuyasu being suspicious of people’s kindness and positive attention, at least at first, because of his abusive childhood and reliance on his brother and stuff.  Like, he hasn’t really had friends by the time he meets Josuke and certainly never had anyone romantically interested in him, and his self-esteem is pretty low.  When Josuke starts hanging out with him and doing stuff to help him out I think it probably takes a while before he accepts that Josuke really likes him and wants to be friends and isn’t just doing things for him out of pity.

And I absolutely believe it would be the same with romantic/sexual attention, like he’d have a hard time believing that someone would really love him and want to be with him without them just trying to get something in return.

SO!  To answer your question I imagine he didn’t really do anything with that specific goal in mind.  I think Josuke would let Okuyasu set the pace of things, starting with just making out and slowly over time letting things progress sexually with whatever Okuyasu would be comfortable with.  I imagine Josuke would be the one to suck him off first, because it’s something he wants to do to make his boyfriend feel good.  He cares about him and wants to make sure he knows that.

He wouldn’t pressure him into anything, and when Okuyasu decides to try giving him a bj he’s more than happy to receive.  He lets him go at his own pace, encourages him, tells him he’s doing a good job.  

And he tells him that he loves him because it’s true.

I am still trying to figure out who dick #5 belongs to in this (VERY NSFW) slutty!Polnareff pic.

Jotaro’s in the front, Kakyoin’s aiming for his face, Joseph’s already done, Avdol’s in the back going for the gold, and mystery dick???  It thankfully doesn’t appear to be Iggy or J. Geil and I don’t think it’s Hol Horse or Dio or Vanilla so???  Mystery dick???

Anonymous asked: In terms of butt pluggery, are there any techniques one should know about in order to get the full experience?

Aaaahhhhh, I still feel weird being asked for tips about this stuff, lol.  I’m still reasonably new to them myself so I don’t think I really have any specific advice re: techniques or anything?  With anal beads I know pulling them out when you come or get close is supposed to intensify orgasm so I imagine removing a plug then would have the same effect.  I haven’t been able to pull it off, though, I’m honestly still kind of figuring out my own orgasm signs and shit (wow, late bloomer much?)  I have been using them a decent amount for just in-out penetration, too, at least until I get a proper dildo to use.

I do just like wearing them, though.  It’s kind of fun to work your muscles around it while you’re sitting doing something else, and if you move the right way it can suddenly be like WHOAAAA.  Or sitting on the edge of a chair/couch/bed/whatever and kinda rocking back and forth on it when it’s in, that’s good too.  I don’t know, right now I’m mostly trying to wear them a little longer at a time so I can wear one to work at some point because apparently that’s the kind of person I am now.